kick-ass comic final issue #8 out on wednesday

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 25, 2010 in My Words
i rarely read comics anymore, i find it hard to keep up with all the crazy crossovers, continuity and forever ongoing story lines, but kick-ass is a great, self-contained series. only seven issues to date, but finally the last issue is scheduled to come out 1/27 on wednesday.
hitgirl and kickass

hitgirl and kickass

this book is surprisingly graphic and violent considering it is drawn by john romita jr., one of my favorite artists, whose work i grew up on in spider-man, daredevil, iron man and x-men. i guess he did do punisher for a while, which is more violent. but kick-ass is a refreshingly original take on the tired super-hero genre and believe me, that’s hard to do. and jr jr. is a classic, master storyteller and focuses more on storytelling than flashy pin-up style artwork which is rare these days among the younger comic artists. mike millar’s writing is smart, funny and walks that fine line of cool and outrageous. the plot is solid and certainly holds my interest.
congrats to mike millar and john romita jr. for a quality series.
i hope the new film coming out in the spring based on their comic does it justice and is a hit at the box office. i’m just curious if they are going to keep it as graphically violent as the comic.

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the hurt locker

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I love this film. so suspenseful! everyone must watch this. best film about modern warfare in the middle east. all the other ones like jarhead are forgettable. but this is going to be a classic. new found respect for director kathryn bigelow.

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two new nick hornby books: slam and juliet, naked

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 4, 2010 in My Words

the last nick hornby book i read was in 2005: “a long way down”. i remember getting it the day it came out and reading it in one-two sittings.

nick hornby is known for books like “high fidelity”, “about a boy” and “fever pitch”, which all got turned into films.

but he just popped into my head today and i started to wonder if he had written anything new.

to my surprise, he had come out with two books since i last checked!
a novel called “slam” in 2007 and a brand new book, “juliet, naked” just three months ago. i guess it’s pretty clear i’m not exactly keeping track of the latest book releases. plus, 2007-2009 has been a crazy distracting period for me.

so i just ordered both of them in hardcover! and i’m glad “slam” is still available in hardcover even though it’s from 2007.

i have a thing about preferring to read hardcover books over the paperback format. the print is larger and easier to read and the book’s spine and cover won’t get all cracked and scratched after one reading. this habit about book quality probably started with my obsessive comicbook collecting when i was younger. i liked keeping my books in good condition and while i’m not that anal or much of a collector of things anymore, some old habits die hard.

anyway, i’m excited to do some serious catching up. it’s been too long since i read something from one of my favorite contemporary writers.


happy 2010!

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this is from 20 years ago. wow. so be it. talk hard.

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