Snow and the Samurai

Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 24, 2011 in My Words

My new comic project Snow and the Samurai goes live this Holiday Weekend Christmas 2011.

It will be an exclusively online webcomic that will be updated every week until the story is complete.

Snow and the Samurai is a supernatural revenge story that takes place in a fantasy realm with magic and samurai.

While the title character is named Snow, like Snow White, you’ll soon discover that my story is not exactly based on the Snow White fairy tale. It’s kind of an anti-fairy tale.

This has been a story I’ve been wanting to do for many years. Originally I wrote it as a film treatment that I registered with the WGA in 2002 as The Legend of Snow White. Finally, I can share it with everyone in comicbook form. I haven’t done comics in years since working on Iron Wings and David and Goliath both published by Image Comics. So it’s actually lots of fun to be writing and illustrating comics again.

Releasing it in this online format is new to me and is an exciting experiment so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy it. I hope you will read it, follow it and share it with everyone you know. You can read it from the beginning here: Snow and the Samurai: Chapter One Thanks!

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