pim & francie comic strip art book. bizarre, disturbing and wonderful.

Posted by Jay Ju on Nov 23, 2009 in My Words

i checked out the “pim and francie” hardcover art book at barnes and noble. i want to add this to my art book collection. the drawings are just beautiful and the black and white line work is skillful.

it looks pretty innocent on the cover but inside it has some strange subject matter, nothing perverse, but very weird. which is probably why it stood out to me.

the old school cartoon style envokes memories of classic Disney and cartoon strips from our childhood and even more so from our parent’s childhood. but take those dreamlike images and twist it into a LSD nightmare. and i mean that as a compliment.

zombies. dismembered body parts. but i was really disturbed by a smiley faced guy that dices pim on a kitchen cutting board and dropping francie in a meat grinder, labeled kiddie grinder. uuuh crazy.

the only thing i wish the book had was some narrative or something to explain the strange images.

but the artwork is beautiful and original. definitely something i would want on my bookshelf.

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mark on st. marks place! $2 slider burgers $4 beer! tastes great!

Posted by Jay Ju on Nov 21, 2009 in My Words

just tried the newly opened “mark” on st. marks place. i was craving a burger but i had yet to find any burgers worth mentioning in my area.

i tried “paul’s burger place”, also on st. marks, which boasts to be the best burger in ny. -LIES! it was a sloppy tasteless mess.

anyway, i had been passing by mark for a few weeks now since it opened in october, but it didn’t look like anything special.
finally, i decided to give it a try since I tend to like sliders cause they’re so bite sized and easy to eat. and for 2 bucks a pop, it was worth a try! they also had hoegarden on tap and a few other decent beers for only $4! it wasn’t even happy hour!

anyway, i had two sliders, fries and a malted milkshake. all really good!

only one month old but i know this place is going to be super popular. there’s so much crap on st marks that it’s easy to walk by this place and not notice it, but when you have quality tasting food at fair prices, it’s a no brainer. people will find out and come!

i just hope they keep the prices as they are. i’m definitely gonna be a regular here.

mark is located on 33 st. marks place between 2nd and 3rd ave. just look for the statue of a white bull.

i forgot to take pictures cause when the food came i just dived right in. i’ll take some next time!

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cold rain sucks

Posted by Jay Ju on Nov 19, 2009 in My Words

it’s raining today even though all week the weather report said it was going to be clear today.

after living in rainless LA for eight years i don’t mind a little rain but what i do mind is “cold” rain.

in the summer, when it’s hot and humid it’s kind of fun and refreshing, just wearing a t shirt and shorts and walking or running through the rain without an umbrella. weeeeee!

but with cold rain you’re already cold, so you’re wearing more clothes, which leaves you wet, uncomfortable and still cold.

i’d rather it just snow already. at least it’s pretty.


testing out my blogging app for my iphone

Posted by Jay Ju on Nov 18, 2009 in My Words

just downloaded a blogging app for my iPhone. this should make it easier to make blog posts. kind of like how it’s so easy to update facebook or twitter. (not that i twitter, between blogging and facebook, there’s only so much narcissism one person is allowed before becoming a total douche).

but blogging on my computer got to be such a chore. old school. god, I love new technology!

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american wonderland film preview by jay ju

Posted by Jay Ju on Nov 1, 2009 in My Film/Vid, My Words

the indie crime drama/feature film i wrote, produced and shot in two weeks in LA, on a shoe-string budget, robert rodriguez style, no professional crew, and unknown cast. this is not the official trailer, was cut mostly for friends and the cast to see all the work we did.


ninja assassin! yeaaahhh!

Posted by Jay Ju on Aug 3, 2009 in My Words

november 25th. this should be awesome, i’ve always loved ninjas. i mean who doesn’t think ninjas are cool? COMEON!


“wet” video game trailer

Posted by Jay Ju on Jun 12, 2009 in My Words
this looks is like a fun game! tarantino meets the matrix. :P


summer movies

Posted by Jay Ju on Jun 2, 2009 in My Words

i have so many movies i need to catch up on, i feel like if i don’t hurry up, i’m going to miss them in the theaters. star wars and wolverine have been out for weeks, terminator just came out and now UP from pixar. i haven’t seen a single one! now it’s there’s going to be one to two new movies out every week. oh well. i’ll just have to do some movie marathons. poor me. :P


words are weak.

Posted by Jay Ju on Apr 28, 2009 in My Words

words can be so powerful, beautiful and meaningful.

they can give you faith. lift you up. inspire. give strength. let you know you are loved.

but when the time arrives, when they are actually tested, without truth, without meaning, without action to back them up. words lose their value.

they fail. they are lies. they are meaningless.

words are weak.


never thought i would see this.

Posted by Jay Ju on Feb 9, 2009 in My Photos, My Words

graffiti art books in the art section of barnes and noble

i was in the art section of barnes and noble. and they have a section for graffiti art. of course banksy’s book is there among others.

what makes this more absurd is:

i couldn’t have set this picture up any better.

graffiti art + b&n + yuppie + stroller = death of anti-establishment

don’t get me wrong, i don’t give a crap about typical graffiti. but people like banksy can actually draw and create art. just cause you can write your name on a wall does not mean you have any talent. but i certainly thought this was amusing.


one of many subway episodes

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 24, 2009 in My Words

so friday, on a train ride to work, i had the lovely experience of sitting across from a guy with no bags or luggage, who magically produced a nail clipper from his jacket pocket.

he then proceeded to lean over his fingernails, quickly clipping them.

um whyyyy?! who actually carries around a nail clipper? i admit i was kind of disgusted.

but i was truly horrified when a few fingernail bits flew across the train at my direction. one even landed on the seat next to me! i think one even hit a woman sitting one seat over from me cause she got up and move to the other side of the train.

soon after his stop came, he folded up his nail clipper, put it back in his pocket and he got off.

who does that?!

so i was left alone for the remainder of the train ride, staring at a lone fingernail sitting on his seat.

mmm, sometimes i really miss having my own car.


did you know? woah.

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 23, 2009 in My Words

i mean, i knew the world was changing at a rapid pace but even this video in itself is an example of how new information is now distributed across the world to the masses. great video. watch it.

tv is dead, all hail the internet.


keep true to the dreams of thy youth.

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 11, 2009 in My Words

keep true to the dreams of thy youth.
-friedrich von schiller

as i get older and older, it just gets harder and harder, but i do because it’s what fuels my passion.


watchmen film delayed???!! nooooo…

Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 7, 2009 in My Words

a wonderful start to the new year is the continuing war of the movie studios over the watchmen film distribution rights. not cool. even though alan moore is not supporting the film, i still want to see it! zack snyder seems like he is making a fairly loyal adaptation of it, with more breath taking visuals. but then again, after sin city, i believe there is such a thing as being too close to the original material that it doesn’t have a life of it’s own. don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed sin city, the visuals were stunning. but frank miller’s wonderful words on the page didn’t seem to work for me in film, being spoken out loud.

as for watchmen, i still remember trying to read this monster of a graphic novel created for mature readers when i was only 11. i must admit i didn’t really comprehend all the layers of the story at that age, but it left an undeniable imprint. birth of the anti-heroes like rorschach and has influenced so many people in comics. even when i used to play world of warcraft, i named my rogue character rorschach. :P

fox winning the first ruling over distribution is awful for the scheduled release. i waited 20 years for this film, i sure hope i get to finally see it sometime this year!



Posted by Jay Ju on Jan 2, 2009 in My Words

never thought i woud ever say i seriously enjoyed a jean-claude van damme movie except for a few cheezy laughs, but here is the movie to force me to utter those words. now you don’t have to take my word for it, but i hope by me saying i was impressed will at least spark some curiosity rather than thinking i’ve lost my damn mind. the best thing that helps this movie for me is that it’s not in english. this is a french film that takes place in brussels. so not having to hear his awkward accent saying cheezy lines in english keeps it from being an unintentional joke. it’s funny, quirky, dramatic and unique. all that and it’s actually not an action film.


good riddance 2008

Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 31, 2008 in My Words

after a few years of having the best time of my life, the second half of 2007 was in contrast, easily the worst year of my life. and it spilled over into 2008. i’m definitely ready for “the suck” to be over with. it has been looking better lately and 2009 really looks like it could be a good year. looking forward to a better job, new projects, old projects like David and Goliath returning and meeting new people. so far, returning to new york has been great, i can’t wait for more.


ho, ho, home…

Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 24, 2008 in My Words

it’s nice to just sit at home and just vegge out.

merry christmas…


summer nyc 1994 “the wackness” film

Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 22, 2008 in My Words

just watched this great little film called the wackness. i had no idea what it was going to be about which is always a pleasant surprise when the film turns out to be good. one of the things that definitely struck a chord with me was that it took place in the summer of 1994 in nyc. just before cell phones and the internet were everywhere. and pretty much in the area of nyc i grew up in and i also graduated from high school around that time and listened to the same music. arguably the best days of hip-hop. tribe, biggie, wu-tang and many others.



Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 12, 2008 in My Words
note at pianos bathroom.

note at pianos bathroom.


office quote

Posted by Jay Ju on Dec 5, 2008 in My Words

“i swallowed all your ideas, i’m going to digest them and see what comes out the other end”

-michael “the office”

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